Ladder Port Adelaide Foyer

Ladder Port Adelaide Foyer t is an integrated Foyer providing housing and tailored development programs for young people aged 16 – 21 who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness.

The Foyer aims to provide residents with strong support and mentoring to develop independent living skills, maintain employment, training and/or education and to engage positively with local communities.

Young people live in their own apartments with the support of a friendly, safe community around them.

Ladder Port Adelaide Foyer is a partnership between Housing SA, St John’s Youth Services and Ladder.

The basis of our approach is to recognise that young people are the experts and they have strengths, skills and resources to take control of their future. We support young people to develop sustainable, integrated plans which help them identify goals, pursue their aspirations and meet any barriers to further development.

How It Works

A personalised deal or Game Plan that helps young people identify and develop their particular talents and skills through a ‘something for something’ agreement:

  • Young People sign a 12 month independent lease with Housing SA for their own studio apartment (23 rooms)
  • Support is seven (7) days a week and includes an allocated Case Worker and Ladder Development Coach
  • Service provides strong support to access to education, training and work opportunities as well as mentoring, skills development and health and wellbeing programs.
  • A safe, secure, positive and aspirational living environment.

The Game Plan

To live in Ladder Port Adelaide Foyer, young people must sign up to the Game Plan. This requires them to:

  • Be engaged in or actively working towards employment, education or training
  • Attend monthly game plan/progress review meetings and complete agreed tasks
  • Engage with support programs including meeting assigned Ladder Port Adelaide Foyer Case Worker and participating in Ladder programs regularly.
  • Meet the obligations of a normal lease.
  • Treat others and live in a manner which aligns to our values of Respect, Safe, Community and Friendly
  • Enjoy themselves!


To be eligible for accommodation at Ladder Port Adelaide Foyer young people will:

  • Be aged between 16 and 21 who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.
  • Be engaged in education, employment and/or training or actively working towards it
  • Have a regular income or receive a Centrelink allowance
  • Have the capacity to live independently
  • Be willing to live on their own (Housing SA only provides single occupancy leases)
  • Have the capacity to participate in programs offered and be committed to doing so
  • Sign an agreement demonstrating their commitment to participating in the Ladder Port Adelaide Foyer community and ensuring this agreement continues to be actively reviewed and implemented

How to Refer

Young people are able to self-refer to Ladder Port Adelaide Foyer – click here to download the form. We generally ask that you visit us to submit the referral so we can meet you, help you with the form and show you the site. Once a vacancy is available, Ladder Port Adelaide Foyer will contact you to confirm your current housing situation.

Agency referrals are accepted when there is a vacancy . You’ll be notified of a vacancy via email once listed on our Vacancy Database. To be on our Vacancy Database, please email us here. You can download our Agency Referral form here . Click here to download our Information Sheet for Referring Agencies.